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UPDATED and FROZEN: Wednesday, 1997 November 12th, 11.20 hours (Vancouver local time)

Refurbished Links are now up and running!
I've decided to freeze this page: no more changes!

NuLinks  ]  

( YATS = "Yet Another Titanic Site" )
( YACS = "Yet Another Cameron Site" )

OFFICIAL  ]   Movie site (Paramount Pictures). Should be up "real soon now"
WWGN  ]   Harry Knowles' World-Wide Geek Network ("Ain't it cool news")
News  ]   Yahoo! Entertainment News (movies in general)
Corona  ]   Updates on Production

YATS  ]   Movie Updates & Links (by "B"). DiCaprio-centric
[  YATS-1  ]   Countdown to "Titanic" (by Tim Doyle). The "definitive site"!
YATS-2  ]   TITANIC 97: Unofficial Guide (by Chris Dohany)
YATS-3  ]   Natalia's on-set insider info! (Stand-in for Kate Winslet) *NEW URL* (after Angelfire server crash)
YATS-4  ]   actor Adam Barker as radio operator Cyril Evans of the "Californian"
YATS-5  ]   LOOKER: the best in cult entertainment en Français
YATS-6  ]   Pete's COOL Page (almost too much stuff!)
[  YATS-7  ]   Alex was an extra for 7+ months = New! =

Historical  ]   Ravensworld
Historical-1  ]   by Philip Hind
Historical-2  ]   by Phil Ottewell
Historical-3  ]   Macedon Mediature, Inc. (check out the cool JavaScript portholes and historical photographs!)
Historical-4  ]   Titanic & Other White Star Ships by Mark Nichol = New! =
Discovery  ]   Check out the Quicktime movies of the sinking!
CD-ROM  ]   "Titanic: Adventure Out of Time"

Kate Winslet  ]   Unofficial Fan Site
Leonardo DiCaprio  ]   Unofficial but *slick*
Bill Paxton  ]   Unofficial
Billy Zane  ]   Unofficial but "Approved"

YACS     ]   Joshua's
YACS-1  ]   Peter's (UK)
YACS-2  ]   Bert's
YACS-3  ]   J—se's en espa–ol
YACS-4  ]   Filmography from Baseline's Encyclopedia of Film; somewhat dated

Trailers  ]   in *five* formats courtesy of Chris
Set Photos  ]   Steve Perez / Phil Ottewell
Credit List  ]   The Internet Movie Database Ltd.
Digital Domain  ]   Digital Domain. Spruced up for the latest SIGGRAPH
VFX HQ  ]  
Visual Effects Headquarters (BACK UP!)

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