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11 Academy Awards including Best Director and Best Picture

Conrad Buff, ACE, James Cameron and Richard A. Harris: the American Cinema Editors (ACE) Eddie Award for best edited feature film of 1997.

James Cameron: the Directors Guild of America's annual feature film directing award, and was nominated for (but did not win) the Writers Guild of America's award for "Best Screenplay Written Directly for the Screen".

Gloria Stewart: (along with Kim Bassinger for "LA Confidential") the Screen Actors Guild (SAG) award for best supporting actress, in a tie vote.

Cinematographer Russell Carpenter: the award for feature film at the 12th Annual American Society of Cinematographers (ASC) Outstanding Achievement Awards.

James Cameron (producer/director), James Horner (soundtrack composer, song composer), Will Jennings, (song lyrics) Rae Sanchini (executive producer) and Jon Landau (producer): Golden Globe Awards for Best Picture, Director, Soundtrack, and Song.

Titanic set the record for weeks as number one film: 14 weeks. Worldwide receipts have passed $1.9 billion dollars (US).

WiReD 6.02 (the "James Cameron: Obsessed" issue): Lunch on the Deck of the Titanic.

The magazine Cinefex #72 has as much detail as most people will want (or need) on creating the visual effects of Titanic. Highly recommended!

"Titanic" was the cover story of the December 1997 issue of the magazine journal American Cinematographer with great articles. Highly recommended for those interested in the nitty-gritty process of making movies.

The soundtrack CD and second follow-up CD is out from Sony Classical.

Archival info:

"Titanic" was reported to have a $200 million price tag, making it by far the most expensive film ever made. (Numerically, at least, not factoring in inflation.) At a certain size of movie project, the "actual" cost becomes a matter for accountants. For example, the cost of the new studio (Fox Studios Baja) is not included in the final cost of "Titanic". Also not included are the interest charges, marketing costs and the cost of making 2600 prints. The per-minute cost works out to just over a million dollars a minute (or about $716 (US) per frame). The film is 194 minutes long, and costs just over 200 US MegaBucks.

Paramount Pictures paid about $65 million for its share (the bargain of the century) and released the picture domestically (in Canada and the USA), and 20th Century Fox paid the rest of the bill and released it simultaneously in the rest of the world.

Previously, my humble opinion was that August 1st was the most likely opening date for "Titanic". However, Drudge Report broke the news that Harrison Ford was upset that "Titanic" would take business away from "Air Force One". Read the Paramount press release.

Check out the LA Times interview of Kate Winslet and letters one and two by James Cameron.

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